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Home to the latest in golf simulation and analysis technology, Southport Golf Academy can help you improve your ability in a more controlled environment. 

Analyse your data

Our Foresight GC Quad and Trackman 4 launch monitors offer a vast array of data with market leading accuracy to analyse your game. This data allows us to offer the most comprehensive club fitting experience, check distance gaps between clubs and give a highly detailed assessment of how you deliver the club to the ball.

SAM Puttlab technology allows highly detailed analysis of your putting stroke, ensuring inconsistencies/faults can be removed. It also enables us to accurately prescribe what style/specification of putter would suit your stroke.

Data analysis can be undertaken alone or with one of our professionals (at additional cost)

SAM lab_edited.jpg
swing cat_edited.jpg

Video analysis

Our market leading Swing Catalyst software allows us to analyse your movement in infinite detail.  We use the latest in super high definition and high frame rate cameras to take simultaneous video of your swing from both face-on and down the line angles. This visual, linked to real-time data on the corresponding shot, ensures literally all angles are covered.

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