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Get the most from your equipment

Custom fitting

At Southport Golf Academy we believe that good play begins with correct instruction and technique, but properly fitted equipment can be the difference between good play and your best scores yet!


Every player is different; whether it be in height, strength, build or technique. This means that using a set of clubs that has been manufactured for ‘everyone’ isn't always the most optimised combination.


Of course, we cannot guarantee that course records will start to fall merely by having the correct equipment, but after our bespoke fitting service you can be safe in the knowledge that you will get the most out of any swing you make and can feel more confident doing so.

A fitting session can take up to 90 minutes, giving you the freedom and time to try our full range of equipment and ensure that you are completely comfortable with your purchase.


Our fitting experts primarily are experienced coaches. As such, they will consider your current technique, but will also factor into your fitting any swing changes you are looking to make, or that they would recommend; effectively future proofing your clubs.

A fitting session costs £40 but this will be deducted from any subsequent purchase.

Custom fitting pod
Arrange your golf club fitting session today, on:

01772 815842

Leisure Lakes Golf Complex,
The Gravel, Mere Brow, Preston PR4 6JX

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